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Specialising in aged care and private practice dietetics

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Don’t let life hold you back from improving your overall health
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Utilising their wealth of experience, current research and best practice, including the Food First approach, the team of accredited dietitians provide a high standard of services to aged care facilities and individual clients.

Aged Care

Aged Care

We consult to aged care facilities, providing nutrition advice, system reviews and menu reviews.

Private Practice

Private Practice

Lisa also consults to individual clients at rooms at the Cabrini Medical Centre in Malvern. Telehealth services are available.

Dietetics media

Resources + Media

The practice provides services to TCP (Transition Care Program), TCP – Home-based, TAC and DVA clients.

Lisa Sossen Dietitian

Lisa Sossen, the principal dietitian of the team, brings with her over twenty years of experience in her profession. With her long-held special interest in aged care nutrition, Lisa is a clinician, consultant, educator and researcher.

Our team is passionate about good nutrition for aged care residents. We consult to aged care facilities, providing nutrition advice, system reviews and menu reviews, aiming to achieve nutritional, varied and appetising meals for residents. We are mindful of cost efficiency without compromising the benefit to the resident.

Menus in Aged Care

 Why just providing  nutrition is no longer good enough. For years, dietitians have been asked to evaluate a menu for an aged care home. The menu assessment generally results...

Cost of Malnutrition

The hidden costs of malnutrition for those on texture modified diets There is no doubt about it…nutrition costs. And so does malnutrition. Malnutrition and unplanned weight loss is known...